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In this "how-to" tutorial, we will show you how to apply the XIP eyeshadow collection in order to create a really easy natural looking smokey eye.

Note: The XIP Opal Black Mascara in this video (1:26) is not available anymore. We have developed a new water-resistant formula!

  1. First select a paler shade of your choice. Apply to the lid, brow bone and inner corner of the eye.
  2. Next, we are going to select a deeper shimmer shade to apply to the lids. Select a deep matt shade to apply to the inner crease and the outer corner of the eye. Make sure you continue to blend with the brush to soften the colour.
  3. With a fine angled brush, apply a dark shade along the upper lash line. Make sure to clean the brush and then apply a paler shade of your choice and run it halfway across the lower lash line.
  4. Select a deeper shade and run along the outer corner of the lash line and smudge well with the brush.
  5. Repeat the same steps on the other eye.

Your eyebrows are really important as they frame your face, filling in your eyebrows makes the most of your eyes. It’s a great makeup artist’s trick to make you appear more useful. With the XIP Professional Monaco Dream Eye & Brow Palette, you can easily redefine your eyebrows in a few simple steps.

  1. Select the shade that I closest to your natural hair colour. The slate shade has been specifically designed for blondes and those with fair hair.
  2. Choose an eyebrow stencil that works best with the natural shape of your brows. Hold the stencil over your natural brow hairs and hold firmly in place.
  3. Using the brush, mix your chosen eyebrow shade with a small amount of wax and sweep along the inside of the stencil, mimicking the look of natural hairs.
  4. Fill in any empty space within the stencil. You can build up the colour as required.
  5. Then simply peel away the stencil to reveal a professional-looking brow.
  6. Reverse the stencil and repeat the same steps on the other brow.
  7. Remove excess powder from the brow to give it a more natural look. You can use the spolie brush for this.
  8. Apply the highlighter to the brow bone to add definition. (optional) You can also use the powders as eyeshadows.
  9. Select the paler shade to use at the inner corner of the eyelid and a darker shade to the outer corner and the eyelid crease.

In this tutorial we will learn you to create a truly amazing false lash effect and really open up the eyes with the XIP Professional Opal Black Double Ended Mascara.

The XIP professional Opal Black Double Ended Mascara is an amazing professional tool that will help create a false lash effect and really open up the eyes. This professional growth-boosting mascara is enriched with ylang-ylang and orange oil to create longer fuller lashes.

  1. Starting with the large volume brush, apply the mascara on the upper lashes ensuring you coat every lash. This one will give volume to your lashes.
  2. Using the smaller innovative precision brush, you’ll capture even the finest of lashes. This will create a beautiful wide-eyed doll look. The clump-free formulation effortlessly separates each lash, leaving them looking beautiful and healthy.
  3. Repeat the same steps on the other eye.