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Questions about the Sculpting Cream Brush?

What is this brush best used for?

You can buff away imperfections and create a truly flawless, 100% streak-free, cream application. If you have large pores, this brush is ideal for you. Buff the creamy texture into the skin and take it slow as the makeup sets on your skin beautifully, allow the product to absorb a little before buffing in.

Can I use with powder aswell?

Yes, you can simply swirl around your brush in your favourite powder, shake off any excess and apply contour, bronzer or blush to your cheeks, temple, forehead and chin.

Can I wash this brush?

Like all the brushes in our collection, you can cleanse them as often as you wish with warm soapy water to remove makeup residue.

Does this product come in a gift box?

All of our brushes come in a beautiful luxury XIP branded gift box. A great gift for a makeup lover.

Can this item used with sensitive skin?

Yes, the soft bristles mean that it can be used even on sensitive skin.