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Questions about the Platinum Passion Eyeshadow Collection?

How good is the pigmentation?

The unique formula we have created is specifically designed to enhance the pigmentation of the shadows, by using ultra-fine powders, gently pressed for a soft, velvet-smooth finish.

Can I create a Smokey eye with this palette?

You certainly can. We have added a selection of shades to create a general base for the eyelids to begin your “Smokey” look. Depending on how dark you’d like to go, we have included metallic warm browns and a matte black. The matte black can also become your eyeliner, simply dampen a fine eye shadow brush and gently glide from the centre of your lid, working your way out and upwards for a more feline winged effect.

Will this palette suit my skin tone?

The collection of colours are suitable for all skin tones. The only difference is how you would use the shades. For darker skin tones, use the warm, light brown for highlighting around the eye. For lighter skin tones, the pearl pink shades are great for highlighting the brown bone and close to the tear duct.

What kind of eyeshadow brush should I use?

We have included a double-ended eye shadow brush to apply on the go. But to truly enjoy your palette to its full potential we would use a large selection of eyeshadow brushes. For applying your base, use a medium flathead brush and always remember to tap your brush before each application. Then using a soft fluffy brush, blend and keep blending. The key to a professional look is blending. You can always tone down your shade or use the darker shades for extra definition.

Can I mix between the eyebrow palette and the eyeshadow palette?

Yes, you can! The gel in the eyebrow palette can be used with the eyeshadow palette. Using a small/medium flat brush, mix the gel and the eyeshadow together onto your had and apply to your eyelids. Always mix the gel with the powder before reapplying for a more vibrant glossy eyeshadow.

Are these matte or shiny powders?

They are a combination of metallic shadows and matte powders.