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Questions about the Golden Touch Sculpting Palette Powder?

How do I know what shade to use?

You can really mix the shades together to create the perfect colour match. There is a video available that can help guide you. We also enclose a detailed how-to guide. This will explain how to apply the contour powder.

Can I really change my face shape with contouring?

That’s right, you can. You can try the following techniques with the highlighter shades and these techniques with the darker shades......please tap video

Can I get a better price for the palette with applicator brush?

Yes, you can click this link which shall take you to our sets page. There you can purchase the palettes with applicator brush for a reduced price.

Do I still use foundation? And do I put it on before or after the powder?

We recommend you use a low coverage base to even out your skin tone. We strongly advise you prep your skin before use. Cleanse, tone and moisture before you apply your base. Then you can build up your contour using the powder after applying foundation.

Can I use this for mature skin?

We recommend using creamy formulas for mature skin as powders can dry the skin out and sit in fine lines and imperfections. But if you prefer a matte finish then the contour palette is ideal.