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Questions about the Golden Touch Sculpting Palette Cream?

Is this a full coverage cream or light coverage?

This contour cream palette has incredible full coverage. You need a very small amount, dab your sculpting cream brush gently into the desired shade. The brush will pick up enough product. You do not need to overload the formula as it’s very rich.

How do I know what shade to use?

You can really mix the shades together to create the perfect colour match. There is a video available that can help guide you. We also enclose a detailed how to guide. This will explain where to put the contour cream.

Will this palette suit a deeper skin tone?

We have been demonstrating our contour palette creams on models worldwide. The cream palette does seem to work very well on most skin tones. If you would be interested in a deeper palette, please send us an email as you’d be to hear from you.

Can I use a fine brush to apply the contour cream?

Makeup is meant to be creative and fun, so don’t be afraid to try mixing it up by using other brushes, blending with your current foundation or simply just using your finger. You can use a smaller brush to amplify your contour.

Does this cream cover up acne scarring?

Yes the cream is brilliant for covering up imperfections and scarring. This contouring palette flies out for good reason. It contains three highlighting and three contouring shades that can be beautifully blended together to match your skin tone or used separately to enhance your features.

Can I use this for mature skin?

The satin finish formula is very hydrating making it the perfect product for mature skin. As each hue is super blendable, it makes it easy for even novice makeup artists to work their highlighting magic.