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Questions about the 24 Karat Glow Blissful Bronzer?

Questions about the 24 Karat Glow Blissful Bronzer?

Is this a matte or shimmer bronzer?

We have included both a matte golden bronzing powder and a creamy soft high pigmented shimmer bronzer for the cheeks and brow. The matte bronzer is great for framing the face and the shimmer to lightly dust on areas where the sun hits your face.

Which brush do I use with the bronzer?

We recommend to use either our bronzing brush or our sculpting powder brush for a softer look.

Can I use the blissful blush with the bronzer?

Yes, you can dust a little blissful blush over your cheek bones to give warmth to your sunkissed complexion.

Do I need this if I already have the contour powder?

The contour powder is designed for easy to use, everyday wear. So they are a matte finish. Our 24 Karat bronzer includes a beautiful shimmer powder with ultra fine light reflective particles to highlight and offer your skin a more dewy look.

Can I use this on mature skin?

Absolutely. The creamy, soft, velvet powder, sits gently on the skin without drying it out.

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